Julia Garner and Rory Culkin in Electrick Children (2012, dir. Rebecca Thomas)

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Signs (2002) 

Morgan + Bo

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Anonymous: "Hello! Gabriel has a trailer or something? And do you have recents photos of rory? Xxx"

No :( anything new!

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Check. Check. This is Rachel Angela McKnight. Fifteen. Checking in one last time. Confession of sorts. I know who I am. I know this baby is the son of God, heaven inspired. It’s meant to tell the world God’s will and God has made sure, every step of the way, has led me to do his will… I think. Let’s go back to the beginning.” 

# Electrick Children (2012)

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Here are #173 icons of Rory Culkin in Electrick Children. All screencaps are mind, like or reblog if you save/use! c:




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here u go caseY LOL

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The gorgeous Rory Culkin.

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